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Canterbury is currently the only city in Kent (though Medway are applying to recover that status, which Rochester lost due to an administrative error).

As a World Heritiage Site and the centre for the Church of England it is a major tourist attraction with enormous historical heritage, as well as three universities. The River Great Stour passes through the city before entering the Stour Marshes.  The wider district covers a large area of the North Downs, the large forest of the Blean complex and the popular coastal towns of Whitstable and Herne Bay.


Chairman: Nicholas Blake

Hot Issues

  • The draft local plan for Canterbury has now been released. This is a very hot issue with over 15,600 new dwellings over the plan period, and some extremely contentious and large sites which are threatened with development.
  • The matter of additional park and ride at Canterbury has been deferred for consideration through the Canterbury Local Plan, but the Parish Council led opposition group, of which we are part,
    remains in place.
  • Broad Oak Reservoir: For decades, the debate has raged as to whether a reservoir should be built at Broad Oak, north of Canterbury. Mid Kent Water (now merged South East Water) have put the scheme into their plans, but it consistently gets pushed back in the planning time horizons. Our analysis casts serious doubt over whether the reservoir would actually work.