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Our vision

Mateusz Majewski / Unsplash

We are CPRE Kent. We want a thriving, beautiful countryside for everyone.

We aim to protect the county from inappropriate development wherever it may happen to create a sustainable and attractive future for Kent. We look to ensure that the heritage of Kent, its character and place are not diluted or homogenised by inappropriate developments and we seek solutions for developers and local authorities wherever possible.

Currently Kent is very ‘growth’ focused, and thus it is especially necessary that we are at the forefront of analysing proposed developments to ensure our county remains as beautiful as it always has for future generations to grow up in.

We have campaigned against many inappropriate developments, and have helped to ensure our countryside remains as beautiful for future generations as it has been for past.

  1. We seek to ensure the survival of our county’s landscapes and heritage.
  2. We aim to protect the county from inappropriate developments wherever they may occur.
  3. We look to give constructive criticism to developers and local authorities to ensure that all development within the county is sustainable for future generations.
  4. We aim to provide creative and innovative solutions wherever possible to problems of development in Kent.
  5. Whilst our focus is on rural issues, we believe in protecting our county holistically and thus also look at planning issues in the greenbelt and urban environments.
  6. We aim to ensure our county’s future through lobbying local government, and expert use of the planning system.