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Who we are

A child's feet wearing red wellies
Bill Waters

We are CPRE, the countryside charity. We want a thriving, beautiful countryside for everyone.

About CPRE, the countryside charity

We’re working for a countryside that’s rich in nature, accessible to everyone and playing a crucial role in responding to the climate emergency.

With a local CPRE group in every county, we’re advocating nationwide for the kind of countryside we all aspire to: one with sustainable, healthy communities and available to more people than ever, including those who haven’t benefited before. We stand for a countryside that enriches all of our lives, nourishing our wellbeing, and that we in turn nourish, protect and celebrate.

We’ve worked for almost a century to support and promote the countryside, and we’ll be doing this for generations to come. That’s why we call ourselves ‘the countryside charity’.


The Kent branch of CPRE is a registered charity in its own right and has groups of volunteers in each district as well as specialist groups covering issues such as transport problems and historic buildings.

  • President: Graham Clarke
  • Patron: Sir Robert Worcester
  • Vice-Presidents: Amanda Cottrell OBE, Damian Green MP, Tracey Crouch MP, Richard Knox-Johnston, Christine Drury, Nigel Britten
  • Chairman: John Wotton

The branch office has five members of staff:

  • Hilary Newport (Director)
  • Paul Buckley (Planner)
  • Julie Davies (Planner)
  • Vicky Ellis (General Manager)
  • David Mairs (Communications and PR Manager)