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Dover district features steep-sided North Downs valleys and the famous white cliffs, as well as less hilly countryside to the north that includes part of the Stour Marshes and around the historic port of Sandwich.

With the world’s busiest ferry port, Dover has to cope with large volumes of traffic, especially HGVs, using the A20 and A2. It is therefore especially important that the district’s tranquil and unspoilt areas are safeguarded from inappropriate development as much as possible.


Chairman: Derek Wanstall 01304 363610

Peter Roffey (Vice Chair), Mary Shaw (Minutes Secretary), Grace Jackson, Diana Haggerty, Margaret Walter, Jan Goodenough.

The Committee meets every two months, with contact for weekly planning applications plus other documentation commuted to members for any views.


Since the Dover District Council Land Document has been approved, also the relaxing of guidelines for planning, there are many applications for development coming about. CPRE does support further building, which will always be needed. it is pleasing to see a Register of Brownfield Sites being organised, Dover being one of the councils involved in the trial.

Current issues we are commenting on and following include;

  • Concern about a 323 metre mast at Richborough.
  • Dover Port improvement is progressing with road improvement off the M20.
  • St James Place shoppingplans are on the way with businesses committing to sites.
  • Farthingloe and Western heights – we are going to the Court of Appeal in late summer.

Anyone wanting to help protect our countryside would be very welcome. Please contact the District Chairman Derek Wanstall. Phone 01304 363610 / Email

Updated July 2016