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David Morrish, Thanet district chairman, dies aged 78

David Mairs
By David Mairs
11th April 2023

He served CPRE Kent until the very end despite seriously deteriorating health

We are truly sorry to have to announce the passing of David Morrish, chairman of CPRE Kent’s Thanet committee, at the age of 78.

David was instrumental in rejuvenating that committee, having earlier been involved in protests against the district’s draft Local Plan, and he was duly elected chairman.

David was born and bred in Birmingham but moved to Thanet with wife Pat in 2015 because, he said, “it has the best coastline in the South East and a relaxed lifestyle”.

It was a lifestyle the couple took to with relish and David would often take a swim in Westbrook’s West Bay, which their apartment overlooks.

A civil engineer by trade – his specialism was transport – David served “a proud 10 years as chief technical officer for Stafford Borough Council”. He often brought his knowledge to bear on CPRE Kent matters.

It is tribute to his commitment to our cause that he served as Thanet chairman until the very end despite seriously deteriorating health.

For many of us at CPRE Kent, David was as much a friend as he was a colleague – his spicy sense of humour and view of the world were widely appreciated. It is with hands very much on hearts that we say he will be missed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat, sons William, Jonathan and Matthew and of course all family and friends.

  • David’s funeral will be held at St Saviour’s Church, Westgate-on-Sea, at 1pm on Thursday, April 13, followed by drinks to celebrate his life.
Pat and David Morrish loved the seaside lifestyle