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Lower Thames Crossing: it might affect you, too… wherever you live!

David Mairs
By David Mairs
19th October 2022

Planned road would have far-reaching consequences across much of the county

If you thought the proposed new Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) will only affect north Kent, think again.

If you live along or use the A2, M2, M20 A288, A229 (Bluebell Hill will see a big increase in traffic) or A227, the LTC will bring a big increase in traffic and thus air pollution.

Dartford, Gravesham and the Medway towns will see a big increase in traffic and air pollution on many roads. This road to ruin will not benefit Kent and it will not solve the problems of congestion at the Dartford crossing as it will only reduce traffic by 4 per cent when a 25 per cent reduction is needed to bring the crossing traffic down to capacity.

The CPRE report The end of the road? proves roadbuilding increases congestion, increases air pollution, is more damaging to the environment than claimed and does not deliver the promised economic growth. So why is the government still building new roads!?

CPRE Kent is working with the Thames Crossing Action Group (TCAG) in fighting the LTC Development Consent Order, which is due out by early November.

There is now a strong alliance of environmental groups fighting this new road, which is the biggest road project in the country since the M25, as together we are stronger.

The amount of documents that will have to be read in a very short time is eye-watering, so if you have any specialist knowledge we want to hear from you.

An impression of how the crossing might look if built